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Hey, guys. I have enough time now so I have one question for u: do you want more Catcent scenes or scenes with other persons? Send me your opinions here.

Hi so one of your fans was asking for a way to watch season 2 online, and thats what ive been doing haha(: so id reccommend this site called coke and popcorn.... it seems to work and it just says cokeandpopcorn watchbeautyandbeastonline haha(: I just found your blog, but i love it already!

Hello! I think jovi-angel-in-a-blue-box will see it and watch season 2 online. Thank you! :) xxx

Hi I was wondering how Many seasons are there in batb??

Hello! There are 2 seasons and the show was renewed for a third season :) xxx

Hey, I loved your tumblr. Follow me back, please?

Hello! Thank you! Ok :) xxx

Did you watch the Ron Pearlman/Linda Hamilton BatB?

Oh, no yet. I haven’t enough time because of uni so I plan to watch in this summer. Did u watch it?

hi sorry but I was wondering if you knew any sites for which I could watch season 2 of Beauty and the Beast? I want to catch up on it before the season finale next week :) so if you could help, it'd be great :)

Hello! Sorry but I can’t help you ‘cause I’m from Russia so I just waiting when our translators will do their work :(