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Hey, guys. I have enough time now so I have one question for u: do you want more Catcent scenes or scenes with other persons? Send me your opinions here.

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What can you do that I can’t do?

- Was it good or bad?
- It was great.

Anonymous asked ;  
Hi so one of your fans was asking for a way to watch season 2 online, and thats what ive been doing haha(: so id reccommend this site called coke and popcorn.... it seems to work and it just says cokeandpopcorn watchbeautyandbeastonline haha(: I just found your blog, but i love it already!

Hello! I think jovi-angel-in-a-blue-box will see it and watch season 2 online. Thank you! :) xxx

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thelightinthecity asked ;  
Hi I was wondering how Many seasons are there in batb??

Hello! There are 2 seasons and the show was renewed for a third season :) xxx

itsloveseries asked ;  
Hey, I loved your tumblr. Follow me back, please?

Hello! Thank you! Ok :) xxx

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Please don’t make everything that we’ve been through, everything that we’ve meant to each other be for nothing.

We are gonna hunt them down, we are gonna find them, and we are gonna stop them, and we are gonna kill them.